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Riley Elementary

         Grades 1-2 - School Hours: 9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

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Kelli Bauman, Longfellow/Riley Principal
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Cindy Myers, Secretary
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Learning is Fun!

Children are starting to master the use of technology, so why not encourage them to practice reading and math skills while playing games!  Below is a list of websites teachers use in school to provide ongoing practice of skills while students have fun!

Reading and Math Websites

Reading is the Key

Everything we do in school and in our lives revolves around our ability to read.  This is why we need to start early with our children learning to read and continue to grow and challenge them to read longer, more difficult, and different types of material.  InfoOhio recently published some information, primarily focusing on students in pre-school through third grade and skills they should be working on and things you can do with your child at home. With the Third Grade Guarantee, it is important that we have students on track with their reading levels by the end of the third grade.  Much like learning to ride a bike, playing an instrument or participating in a sport, reading is a skill that needs repeated practice.  Research shows students who are at grade level in reading have a higher percentage chance of graduating on time from high school as well as performing better on other subjects standardized testing.  These newsletters can be found by going to  I encourage everyone to take a moment to read these and see how we can make reading a part of many activities we do on a daily basis and show our children reading is fun and rewarding.

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