A Note from the Nurse

Illness: When to stay home and why? 

We know that healthy children make better learners, and we also know that school can be a breeding ground for organisms that cause illness. That reason is why it is important that we as parents follow the policy of Fostoria City Schools regarding when you are to keep your child home for illness.

Our policy regarding illness is: 

  • Any child with a temperature of 100 or higher will be sent home. Please do not send your child to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
    • While it seems like a little Tylenol or Motrin will keep that temp down, all it is really doing is masking the illness, and your child can still infect his/her classmates. 
  • Keep them home if vomiting or having diarrhea for 24 hours after the last episode.
    • The viruses that cause these problems will take 24 hours at least to pass through the body. Any use of OTC medicine to relieve the discomforts can slow down that process, causing the child to keep the virus longer in their bodies. 
  • If your doctor puts your child on antibiotics, those will take 24 hours to become effective against the spread of the disease.
    • Be sure to give a full day’s dose (usually 3-4 doses) before sending your child back to school. 

Although this can be an inconvenience, making sure your child is fully recovered will help them to do better at school and prevent other children from becoming ill. We appreciate your understanding of the district’s policy.

Sheryl St. Clair, RN, BSN